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Special Alloys > Desalination

Desalination is a procedure that expels minerals from saline water. More commonly desalination actually meant to segregate the removal of salt and minerals from soil or water. The main reason behind the infertility of soil or the non usable water is the addition of harmful minerals or salt.

For any process whether it is manufacturing or segregating harmful substances from something, numerous process and machines are involved in it. Thus the use of resistant alloys would derive good result.

Use of Corrosion Resistantt alloys can save from any harm

As the matter of fact that salt reacts adversely with most of the metals, it may cause corrosion in machinery during the process of desalination. Thus, the Nickel base alloys are usually corrosion resistant and can be used for machinery being used in desalinating plants.

As these alloys is heat resistant as well so, can also be actively included where the high temperate treatment will be the part of the process.
Low thermal expansion property

The Alloys can also be designed to have a much reduced thermal expansion over certain temperature ranges and because of this property can be opted where there will be a chance of alteration due to high temperature. Iron-36% Ni alloy (Invar) has the lowest expansion of the Fe-Ni alloys and maintains nearly unchangeable during common variations in atmospheric temperature.

Also the inclusion of cobalt to the nickel-iron matrix derives alloys with a low coefficient of expansion, a constant modulus of elasticity, and high strength.
As almost any type of manufacturing or segregation involves electrical equipment and controlling them use of Electrical Resistant Alloys can be more favorable.

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