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Food & Beverage

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Food and beverage industry has many peculiarities as hygiene maintenance, good manufacturing practices, good environmental conditions and much more to count. All these peculiarities are taken into regard while constructing production plants for food and beverage. The fermentation units are full of media, which are processed with enzymes as well. These conditions are very impactful on the machinery taken into use for this industry. For simplifying the conditions and making an efficient production, the units are designed with the alloy materials. This in return is very helpful against many undesirable conditions.

Electrical Resistance Ability

For the operational needs, electric power is a must. All the processing units run on electricity. So, it becomes quite evident that these units need to be resistant against electricity. The nickel base alloy is found to be a perfect fit in this blank. The use of nickel alloys reduces the risk of electric impact on the personnel working on machines.

Corrosion Resistance

Nickel alloys are best known for its anti-corrosive nature. Several media used in the production units, as well as environmental conditions as moisture, are not effective enough on the nickel alloys. So, no corrosion occurs if one uses nickel alloy.

Heat Resistivity

The chemicals, media and all the reaction processed in the production chambers, running machines collectively produce significant amount of heat energy. It becomes an important agenda to have the manufacturing set up for all the machines, equipment and units capable enough to withstand ample amount of heat production. Nickel alloy proves to be compilable in this regard.

Thermal Expansion Resistant

Not only above properties are found, even nickel base alloys show great withstanding capacity against thermal expansion. This becomes very helpful as no change in shape and size of the products are evident during processing.

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