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Nickel Alloy 188, Haynes® 188, Udimet® 188

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 188, Haynes® 188, Udimet® 188

Nickel Alloy 188 is a nice blend of cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten and recognized by other names including Haynes® 188 and Udimet 188®. The great mix up chromium with a small amount of lanthanum, the material can be utilized to fabricate products which are exceptionally corrosion-free.

The product is known for its high-temperature capability, resistant to sulfidation oxidation up to 1095°C. Fabrication of spares is easy with Nickel Alloy 188 as it can work in hot and cold state and offers outstanding ductility. The alloy also suits to the nature of welding for instance electron beam, resistance welding, TIG, and MIG.

Nickel Alloy 188 is usable in many applications of aerospace and gas turbine engine including:

  • Afterburner liners
  • Combustion cans
  • Spray bars
  • Flame holders
  • Transition ducts


  • Cobalt- 39% balance
  • Nickel- between 20-24%
  • Chromium- between 21-23%
  • Tungsten- between 13-15%
  • Manganese- Up to 1.25% max
  • Iron- Up to 3% max

Nickel Alloy 188 would be an excellent choice for those who want metal for extreme-temperature applications. SPECIAL ALLOYS brings the alloy on bar, strip, sheet, and wire form.

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