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Nickel Alloy 22, Hastelloy®C-22, Inconel® 22

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 22, Hastelloy®C-22, Inconel® 22

Whether you say Nickel Alloy 22 or Hastelloy C-22 or Inconel 22 or Inconel 22, you get nickel-based superalloy material. The superalloy proffers resistance against several critical conditions like corrosion, pitting, and stress corrosion cracking. It produces high level of ductility which helps in cold forming and resists aqueous corrosion effects at high temperatures-

Industries where Nickel Alloy 22 has demanded-

  • Pesticide production industry
  • Pollution control industry
  • Sour gas services industry
  • Waste incinerators industry
  • Chemical processing industry
  • Nuclear fuel reprocessing industry
  • Flue gas desulfurization industry

Chemical Composition-

  • Chromium- 20-22.5%
  • Molybdenum- Between 12.5-14.5
  • Cobalt- Up to 2.5% Max
  • Tungsten- Between 2.5-3.5%
  • Iron- 2-6%

We offer Nickel Alloy 22 that comes in a flat bar, strip; forging stock, hexagon, plate, round bar, sheet, and wire form. These shapes of Alloy 22 meet a number of different critical industry standards like ASME, ISO, ASTM, and DIN family. Monel Bolts provides superior quality of Nickel Alloy 22. We supply the product at large scale.

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