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Nickel Alloy 36, Invar® 36, Nilo® 36

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 36, Invar® 36, Nilo® 36

Alloy 36 aka Nickel Alloy 36, Nilo® 36 and Invar 36® is a nickel-iron mixed low-expansion super alloy is highly constraint to temperature. It is also strong and tough at cryogenic temperatures. It has a good temperature variance that ranges between 150°C to 260°C critical to cryogenics.

Various industries and those that utilize cryogenics rely on Alloy 36 for a wide variety of critical applications including:

  1. Employed in MRI, NMR and other medical technologies.
  2. Used in transmission of electric power.
  3. Thermostats.
  4. Frozen foods
  5. Lasers
  6. In the storage and transportation of LPG.

Composition of Nickel Alloy 36

  • Iron- Up to 63%
  • Nickel- Up to 36%
  • Manganese- Up to .30%
  • Cobalt- Up to .35% max
  • Silicon- Max .15%

Nickel Alloy 36 is available in numerous forms such as sheet, plate, pipe, tube, forging stock, round bar, and wire. It also meets the standards but depends on form, like ASTM like B338, B753, DIN 171, and SEW 38. It is also imperative to note that Nickel Alloy 36 can work in hot or cold state, machined, and formed using the same procedures as those utilized with authentic stainless steel.

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