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Nickel Alloy 400, Monel® 400

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 400, Monel® 400

Monel 400 aka Nickel Alloy 400 is highly strong and corrosion resistive. It tolerates a broad variation of temperatures and is available in several forms for numbers of products. The product is extensively used in piping works. Offering resistance to adverse effects of steam and seawater, its strength and anti-corrosive abilities make it suitable for heavy duty applications like oil refineries piping.


The alloy is also employed for the high tolerance tubing. It shows excellent welding qualities and often found in marine applications. The tuning systems also find its place in boiler and feeders, chemical plant equipment and heat exchangers.

Monel 400 bars due to their advanced quality are used in heavy duty construction and also ensure a high degree of pressure and weight. They are also fit for using in mechanical, structural and general engineering applications. The strength of the alloy makes it perfect for mining, oil & gas and cement industries.


  1. Highly preferred for those industries which have the danger of corrosion.
  2. Whether pipes, tubes or wires, its unique abilities make is preferable for marine, chemical, and other industries.
  3. High strength and exceptional corrosion resistance property make it preferable for hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, seawater, and alkalies.
  4. Brilliant mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures.
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