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Nickel Alloy 41, Rene® 41

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Nickel Alloy C-276 is the alloy that takes the combination of nickel-molybdenum-chromium and optimum for the use in conditions that ask for the protection against aggressive corrosion and localized corrosion.

Basic Properties of Nickel Alloy C-276-

It’s resistant to oxidizers like-

  1. Cupric and Ferric Chlorides.
  2. Hot inorganic and Organic contaminated media
  3. Wet chlorine gas
  4. Acids
  5. Seawater
  6. Chlorine dioxide
  7. Hypochlorite

The best property of Nickel Alloy C-276 aka Hastelloy C-276 is its welding abilities with all common methodologies, although oxyacetylene is not preferred. As the alloy approves exceptional corrosion resistant capabilities, Nickel Alloy C-276 is being used in various industries for a wide range of critical applications-

  1. Used in heat exchangers, filters, evaporators and mixers where sulfuric acid is immensely used.
  2. Also used in digesters and bleach plants in paper and pulp manufacturing industry.
  3. Used in materials employed around sour gas
  4. Utilized in Waste treatment
  5. Materials which control pollution also contain Nickel Alloy C-276.

Chemical Composition of Nickel Alloy C-276-

  • Nickel- Up to 57%
  • Molybdenum- Between 15-17%
  • Chromium- Between 14.5-16.5%
  • Iron- between 4-7%
  • Tungsten (W)- Between 3-4.5%
  • Manganese- Up to 1% max
  • Cobalt- Up to 2.5% max
  • Vanadium- UP to .35% max
  • Silicon- Up to .08 max

SPECIAL ALLOYS distributes Nickel Alloy C-276 in plate, pipe round bar, fittings, strips, tube, and sheet. Our other manufacturing partners of the alloy also rely on qualities and utilities of the product.

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