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Nickel Alloy 600, Inconel® 600

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 600, Inconel® 600

Nickel Alloy 600 aka its brand name Inconel 600 is a unique combination of nickel and chromium also known for its resistance to oxidation conditions at higher temperatures. The alloy is highly versatile and can be used in cryogenics to applications that are run on temperatures up to 1093°C. The blend of metals makes it best fitted for different applications:

  • Resist corrosion to organic and inorganic compounds, both.
  • Resist the effect of chloride-ion caused corrosion cracking
  • Excellent with most sulfur compounds and alkaline solutions
  • Less chance of damage from chlorine or hydrogen chloride

Nickel Alloy 600 is being applied in different industries for its versatile properties including resistance to corrosion and heat and being standard engineering material. List of industries is as follows.

  • Industries where heat exchanger tubing and nuclear reactor vessels are used.
  • Utilized in equipment for chemical processing.
  • Industries where heat treats furnace components and fixtures are used
  • Industries where gas turbine components including jet engines are used

Nickel Alloy 600 are readily manipulated either in hot or cold state and can be added using standard welding, brazing, or soldering procedures.

Chemical Composition-

  • Nickel- Up to72%
  • Chromium- Up to 14-17%
  • Iron- Between 6-10%
  • Manganese- up to 1%
  • Silicone- Up to .5%

We provides Nickel Alloy 600 in the rod, bar, sheet, strip, pipe, wire, forging stock, plate, and tube forms. These forms meet a number of different and critical standards from ASTM, ASME, SAE, AMS, BS, etc.

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