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Nickel Alloy 617, Inconel® 617

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 617, Inconel® 617

Nickel Alloy 617 is made up of nickel, chromium, and cobalt known for its outstanding metallurgical stability. The alloy is also recognized as Inconel 617, incorporates a wide variety of other exceptional properties to users which includes:

  • Aluminum gives resistance power to oxidation at high temperatures
  • Good resistance power to a broad range of corrosive aqueous conditions
  • Resist numbers of different damaging oxidizing and reducing media
  • Cobalt and molybdenum confer solid-solution strength
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Easily joins with most conventional welding procedures

Chemical Composition-

  • Nickel- Up to 44.5%
  • Chromium- Between 20-24%
  • Cobalt- Between 10-15%
  • Molybdenum- Between 8-10%
  • Iron- Up to 3% max
  • Silicon- Up to 1% max
  • Aluminum- Up to .8-1.5%
  • Titanium- Up to 0.6% max

Numbers of industries around the world depend on Nickel Alloy 617 or Inconel 617 for many different processes. The alloy is found useful in ducting, heat-treating baskets, power-generating plants including fossil fuel and nuclear, combustion cans, chemical production, and gas turbines both on land and in the air as well.

Monel Bolts is one of the largest suppliers of Nickel Alloy 617 Inconel 617 in the world. The product comes in the form of a flat bar, forging stock, hexagon round bar, wire, and extruded section. The products meet all of the application standards.

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