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Nickel Alloy 800HT, Incoloy® 800HT

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy 800HT, Incoloy® 800HT

Incoloy® 800HT, another member of the 800 alloy family is made up of nickel-iron-chromium and has much of the similar characters to its other partners. The alloy found it’s chemical composition much nearer to Incoloy 800H just only in the composition of aluminum, carbon, and titanium.

Chemical Composition-

  • Iron- 39.5% min
  • Nickel- Between 30-35%
  • Chromium- Between 19-23%
  • Aluminum and Titanium- Between .85-1.20%
  • Carbon- Between .06-.10%

To know the difference between two of the alloys of the 800 families is their chemical composition, for instance, chemical composition of Incoloy 800HT always stands under the limits of Incoloy 800H, but in reverse case, it is not the same.

Incoloy 800HT is recognized for many of the outstanding characters alike Incoloy 800H and includes

  • Excellently restrict the effects of sulfidation, oxidation, and carburization
  • Inhibits high-temperature corrosion due to extended exposure
  • Basically machined by ideal methodologies.
  • Excellently resist aqueous corrosion which occurs at moderate temperatures

Incoloy 800HT is used as the alloy for a broad range of high-temperature applications including:

  • Components and Equipment of Industrial furnaces and boilers
  • Heat-Treating Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
  • Hydrocarbon Cracking
  • In the processing of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

We is a supplier of Incoloy 800HT used in the strip, plate round bar, pipe, tube, sheet, flat bar, forging stock, hexagon, and wire. We supply each type of Incoloy 800HT which meets various critical industrial standards.

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