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Nickel Alloy A-286, Incoloy® A-286

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy A-286, Incoloy® A-286

Incoloy Alloy A-286, a mix up of iron, nickel, and chromium is completely an iron-based material which also contains little amount of molybdenum and titanium. The substance is known for its oxidation a property at a temperature of 700°C. Incoloy Alloy A-286 is also recognized as Nickel Alloy A-286.

Few Important Properties of Incoloy Alloy A-286-

  • Brilliant fabrication characters
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Can be produced by vacuum induction melting or AOD reefing
  • Suitable for applying to moderate corrosion in aqueous solutions

Chemical Composition-

  • Nickel- Between 24-27%
  • Chromium- Between 13.5-16%
  • Titanium- Between 1.90-2.30%
  • Iron- In balanced composition
  • Aluminum- Up to .35%
  • Tungsten- Between .10-.50
  • Silicon- Up to 1% max
  • Carbon- Up to .8% max

The alloy can readily be made by standard processes for alloys and stainless steel. Industries, like automotive, aerospace and oil and gas, utilize Incoloy Alloy A-286 in their most essential applications such as:

  • Automotive engines and various components
  • Offshore and oil and gas components
  • Turbine wheels, frames, casings and blade.
  • Jet engines, and afterburner parts and fasteners
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