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Nickel Alloy Applications

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy Applications

The use of Nickel alloys can be seen at different industries like Aerospace and Marine Industry. Special Alloys brings worthiest of the metal products for these industries to let them roll them the production of products to the next level.

1. Aerospace

Nickel Alloys

Nickel alloys are extremely for its brilliant applications in aerospace and military industries. The nickel is in demand because of their enhanced hardness, tensile strength, flexibility and all without minimized ductility. It remains structured even at high temperature of 1,050˚C to 1,200˚C. Nickel alloys are employed in different aerospace products including bolts, terminals, clevises, turbine blades, keys and combustion chamber liners. Super nickel alloys Inconel, Monel, and Incoloy is extensively used.

2. Marine Industry

Nickel Steel

Nickel alloys are extensively used in Marine industries as well. Their employment in the industry is acknowledgeable since 1946 as nine percent nickel is the standard for LNG storage tanks. The metal is known for its durability at low temperatures. The nine percent nickel steel performs extremely well with an absorbed 60J energy at a temperature of -196°C. The metallic alloy also protects against brittle crack initiation.

The technology has upgraded the nine percent nickel steel and come up with an alternative. The latest alloy is also the member of the nickel steel family. The new one manages good impact properties at welded joints.

Special Alloys offers both kinds of metal alloy for you. We feel adored to serve you.

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