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Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt® L-605, Haynes® 25

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt® L-605, Haynes® 25

Nickel Alloy L-605 is a blend of cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten in the form of a solid-solution is also sold with the brand names like Cobalt® L-605 and Haynes® 25. The alloy is recognized for numerous unique properties including-

  1. Resistant to high-temperature.
  2. Defiance from oxidizing environments which goes up to 1800°F (980°C).
  3. Strongly inhibits sulfidation.
  4. Good ductile and welding characters.
  5. Resistant to galling and wear.

These outstanding attributes makes Nickel Alloy L-605 aka Cobalt L-605, and Haynes 25 highly popular in numerous industries for a wide array of applications.

Uses in Aerospace and Marine Industries-

  1. Nickel Alloy L-605 is used for Gas Turbine applications like blades, rings and combustion chamber parts.
  2.  Also utilized for Industrial furnace applications
    Softens and liners in high-temperature furnaces.

Characters of Nickel Alloy L-605-

  • Cr 19-21%
  • Co bal
  • Ni 9-11%
  • W 14-16%
  • C .05-15%
  • Mn 1-2%
  • Fe 3%
  • Si .4%
  • P .4%

SPECIAL ALLOYS has been an excellent supplier in strip, sheet, round bar and wire of Nickel Alloy L-605, Cobalt® L-605, and Haynes® 25.

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