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Nickel Alloy X-750, Inconel® X-750

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy X-750, Inconel® X-750

Nickel Alloy X-750 aka Inconel X-750 is a known and affordable precipitation-hardenable nickel and chromium mixed alloy. Nickel Alloy X-750 is widely used due to its numerous benefits which include:

  • Strongly behave at temperature of 816°C after suitable heat treatment
  • High tensile and creep-rupture properties
  • Resistance to a wide array of industrial corrosion causing agents which get active in oxidizing and reducing conditions
  • Excellent durability including workability and can easily be molded with standard welding methods
  • Resist the effect of chloride ion cuased stress-corrosion cracking

Industries where Nickel Alloy X-750 is used-

  • Gas turbine industry
  • Jet engine industry
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Heat-treating industry
  • Aircraft industry

Chemical Composition-

  • Nickel- 70% min
  • Chromium- Between 14-17%
  • Titanium- Between 2.25-2.75%
  • Nolobium- Between .70-1.20%
  • Manganese- Up to 1% max
  • Silicone- Up to .50% max
  • Copper- Up to .50% max
  • Carbon- Up to .08% max

Monel Bolt is a supplier of Nickel Alloy X-750 which comes in the form of hexagon, wire, tube, sheet, strip, plate, round bar, flat bar, forging stock, and extruded section. Inconel X-750 and Nickel Alloy X-750 meet critical industry standards including ASTM, ISO, SAE, EN, and BS.

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