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Nickel Alloy X, Hastelloy® X

Special Alloys > Nickel Alloy X, Hastelloy® X

Also sold as Nickel Alloy X, a popular and efficacious alloy made up of nickel, chromium, iron and molybdenum. It offers a wide range of major features.

These properties include:

  • Oxidation resistance up to 1204° C
  • Excellent high-temperature resistant strength
  • Easy to be formed and welded.
  • Nice ductility after extended exposure to high temperatures
  • Strong resistance to chloride corrosion cracking
  • Resist the effects of carburization and nitriding

Nickel Alloy X due to its high temperature resistant and resistant against corrosion causing agents, the alloy is applicable in following industries-

  • Industries where Gas Turbine Engines are used.
  • Industries where Transition ducts are used.
  • Industries for Combustor Cans Manufacturing.
  • Industries where Afterburners, tailpipes, and cabin heaters are used
  • Chemical processing retorts, muffles, and tubing like industries.

Chemical Composition-

  • Chromium- Between 20.5-23%
  • Iron- Between 17-20%
  • Molybdenum- Between 8-10%
  • Manganese- Up to 1% max
  • Silicon- Up to 1% max
  • Carbon- between .05-.15%
  • Nickel- In balanced proportion

We is a renowned supplier of Nickel Alloy X in round bar and strip shapes for numerous years to its clients. We believe in customer’s satisfaction and thus never compromises with the quality to be delivered.

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