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Oil & Gas

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Oil and gas plant needs very care because of the susceptible nature of these products. Especially, these are very sensible for elevated temperature, fire, and other environmental conditions too. So, the plants for the processing of oil and gas are designed and constructed in a very effective manner. The materials used for the manufacturing of different types of equipment in this industry are chosen with great care. Mainly nickel based alloys are used to complete this process.

Corrosive Resistant Nature

Nickel alloys are not affected by corrosive conditions as media, environmental conditions or anything else. If this care is not taken, then corrosion would result in breakage of the machines and leakage would occur in return.

Heat Resistant Capability

The pipelines and other machines used for the oil and gas processing are made up of nickel alloys. The reason is simple, nickel alloys show good resistance power against heat. Thus not affected at elevated temperature.

Expansion Resistance Material

When nickel mixed in elements like iron causes the effective reduction in the expansion of the material caused due to heat. While for the operation of equipment, it is necessary for those to be in intact form without any distortion and damage.

Resistance to Electrical Impact

This efficient property has led the nickel alloys to be used for making instruments measure electrical characteristics of products. Also, used for operational systems meant for electrical regulation.

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