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Petrochemical & Refining

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Petrochemicals are chemical products obtained from petroleum. Some chemical compounds derived from petroleum are being procured from fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. Refining of petrochemicals changes raw petroleum and natural gas into usable semi liquids or intermediates, which are then used to make chemicals. But the process involves a number of equipment and machines for transforming the raw form into usable one.

As the process is quite complicated and requires the involvement of heat treatment or electrical equipment. Thus, it is always advisable to use the machinery made up of heat resistant alloys like Nickel-based. The combination of Nickel-chromium alloys is useful where there is the chnace of temeprature to exceed upto 760°C. Specifically the Nickel-chromium alloys are better to provide oxidation and carburization resistance where the Cr percentage is more than 15% for high temperature treatments.

Add life to the machinery

As the crude component might contain metallic products, may harm the machinery in case of even a slight mishandling. Thus, the use of Nickel-base alloys offer excellent corrosion resistance and increase the life of heavy machinery and equipment.

Heat treatment may alter the machines

Low-Expansion Alloys Nickel can be a good option for the high heat application process. These alloys are very low thermal expansion. n-36% Ni alloy (Invar) has the lowest expansion of the Fe-Ni alloys.

The expansion of cobalt to the nickel-iron framework produces compounds with a low coefficient of development, a steady modulus of flexibility, and high quality.

As the transformation of crude oil to petroleum products involves electrical equipment as well, so, for controlling them properly, the inclusion of lloy systems based on nickel or containing high nickel contents can be the best.

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