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Special Alloys > Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry has always been at boom and never goes down in whatever circumstances happening throughout the world. As the manufacture of medicines require several components and all of them are of different nature like few may be acidic or basic etc. The machines being used are also quite expensive and finally even the quality check unit consists several equipment. As the machines are meant to get in contact with these acidic or basic components, they needs extra care and maintenance.

Use of safe alloys for machines

  1. The nickel based alloys can be valuable where there is an exposure to heat. The high environmental temperature of the plants may affect the machines harshly, thus use of Nickel-chromium alloys or the alloys containing more than 15% Cr are used for providing both oxidation and carburization resistance at temperatures exceeding 760°C.
  2. The cited above that the machines necessarily getting exposed to the acidic and basic components, the chance of corrosion are maximum. But Nickel-base alloys possess excellent corrosion resistant property for a wide range of corrosion causing medium and can be used to enhance the shelf life of machines.
  3. As there is also the use of heating treatment and there may be the chances of mchine part expansion due to the thermal exposure. But the Nickel alloys can be included to which have reduced thermal expansion on exposure to heat.
  4. Even the cobalt can be added to the nickel-iron mix which produces a low coefficient of expansion
  5. Electric resistant alloys – A few combination frameworks in light of nickel or containing high nickel substance are utilized as a part of instruments and control gear to gauge and direct electrical attributes (resistance composites) or are utilized as a part of heaters and apparatuses to create heat (warming compounds).

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