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Pollution Control

Special Alloys > Pollution Control

Majorly 4 types of pollution known to cause alteration in the environment and they are air, water, soil noise and thermal. All four are the worst threat for nature and consequences can be worse if not attended technically. All the four types are the main reason of effecting human health and is hazardous. Thus, there is a need of stern action to be taken against the factors causing harm.

What are main reasons behind these pollution’s?

  1. The main cause of air pollution is the chemicals, harmful fumes, small metal particles comes out as a bye product from manufacturing units etc.
  2. Water pollution is the results of pollutants left out untreated after several processes including commercial wastes.
  3. Soil – use of synthetic fertilizers for the better output but actually alters the natural soil nutrients
  4. Noise pollution caused mainly due to the uncontrolled sound which goes beyond the normal human listening decibels.
  5. Thermal pollution simply caused due to the use of water as coolent in several industries which increase the water temperature.

Control of pollution

Use of Nickel-base alloys in industries can be the best option for avoiding the added pressure which has come out after high heating treatments applied during various manufacturing processes. Especially the use of Nickel-chromium alloys should be used where the treatment requires a temperature of more than 760°C. Such alloys provide both oxidation and carburization resistance and control the heat which ultimately save the environment.

Most of the industries throw their wastes out without treating them properly. The machines are being used in these manufacturing units may get corroded and harm the nature as the output may not be of fair standard. Thus use of Nickel-base alloys in such machinery will be better.

Low expansion alloys for controlling thermal expansion of iron and electrical resistant alloys for controlling electrical equipment can also be used to avoid environmental pollution.

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