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Power Generation

Special Alloys > Power Generation

Power generation can be accomplished through various processes. Most common in thermal power generation, hydal power generation etc. For such operations, the plants needs to be established which requires several machines and equipments. Such industrial facilities include one or more generators, rotating machine which is being used to convert the mechanical power into electrical.

As obvious that these operations require high temperature and may be heated as well. Thus the chance of damaging machinery is high. But if the things can be planned ahead may lessen the amount of loss perfectly. Such as, if the Heat resistant alloy has to be included in the machines which are of Nickel-based can save the after effects of operations. The Nickel-chromium alloys where the percentage of Cr will be more than 15%, can be used for providing oxidation and carburization resistance both where the temperate may reach above 760°C.

Rotating machine work continuously

While converting the water into electric power the rotater machine continuously fixed for rotation at a certain speed. As the machine is obviously made up of metal and if it will be continuously exposed to water may develop corrosion.But if the machine will be manufactured by using the Nickel-base alloys, the loss can be saved easily.

Nickel alloys Is also having the capacity of low thermal expansion on high temperature exposure. Iron-36% Ni alloy (Invar) has the minimum expansion of the Fe-Ni alloys and maintains usually constant structure during general atmospheric temperature variation.

Electrical resistant alloys are a great option for the plants where the electric power generation being accomplished. Several nickel alloys or containing high amount of nickel are actively used in the instruments and the controlling equipment for measuring and regulating the electrical properties. These can be used at several places at an electrical power generating plant.

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