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Paper and pulp industry work on the enzyme usage, which is very sensitive to any extreme conditions of environmental conditions. Temperature, moisture, leakage all sort of adversities are not well taken for this industry. The machines and utilities used for the paper and pulp industries are prepared with sound knowledge at all fronts. The material used for the machines manufacturing is chosen by considering so many points. Nickel alloys are found to be the best fit for fulfilling this purpose.

Corrosion Resistant Property

Nickel alloys do not get rugged with corrosion and easily takes the adverse environmental conditions as well as corrosive media. These harsh conditions do not impact any undesired corrosion and thus keep them in great functional form.

Heat Impact Resistant

The elevated temperature range in paper and pulp industry is quite common. Many of the functions are operated at high temperature only. This is self-explanatory in itself that the elemental base used for manufacturing units must be heat resistant. Nickel base alloy competes for all these requisites and is well received in this industry.

Thermal Expansion Resistant

The temperature in high range causes expansion in metal forms. To overcome this successfully, alloy forms are taken into practice. Mostly, nickel alloys are adopted for this significant property needs. These have a fine value of resistance against thermal expansion.

Electrical Resistance Alloy Property

This is a very significant property asked by any paper and pulp industry units for the base materials in all the processing utilities. Nickel alloy covers this very well and show great resistance power for electrical conductivity. These are well used for control units too regarding electrical effect.

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