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Stainless Steel Alloy 15-5 PH, UNS S15500, XM-12

Special Alloys > Stainless Steel Alloy 15-5 PH, UNS S15500, XM-12

Stainless steel alloy 15-5 PH aka UNS S15500 or XM-12 is a martensitic and precipitation hardening metal. It has high strength and ability to restrict corrosion effects. The alloy 15-5 PH also offers numbers of benefits:

  • Excellent mechanical properties at temperatures up to 316°C
  • Good longitudinal and transverse strength
  • Brilliant for corrosive and high-pressure conditions effects
  • Hardens at low temperature

Its outstanding mechanical properties makes it perfect for creating shafts, fittings, valves, gears, cylinders, engine parts, and fasteners in different industries which are as follows-

  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry

Chemical Composition-

  • Iron- In balanced proportion
  • Chromium- Between 14-15.5%
  • Nickel- Between 3.5-5.5%
  • Copper- Between 2.5-4.5%
  • Silicon- Up to 1.0% max
  • Manganese- Up to 1.0% max
  • Niobium & Tantalum- Between 0.15%-0.45%

We supplies 15-5 PH in a number of sizes and shapes. Our alloy products meet all standards of different industries where stainless steel is employed. Matchless perfect unmatched

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