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Stainless Steel Alloy 321H

Special Alloys > Stainless Steel Alloy 321H

Stainless Steel Alloy 321H is titanium based austenitic stainless steel known for its resistance power to corrosion. This type of alloy contains high carbon and proffers a wide range of advantages-

  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation at 816°C
  • Good toughness at low temperature
  • Similar corrosion resistance and machinability like Type 304
  • Quickly welded by most standard procedures


  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Waste treatment including thermal oxidizers
  • Aerospace applications
  • Expansion joints
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Processing

Chemical Composition-

  • Iron- In balanced form
  • Chromium- Between 17-19%
  • Nickel- Between 9-12%
  • Carbon- Between 0.04-0.10%
  • Silicon- Between 18-20%
  • Manganese- Up to 2% max
  • Phosphorus- Up to 0.045% max
  • Sulfur- Up to 0.03% max
  • Nitrogen- Up to 0.10% max
  • Titanium- Up to 0.70% max

We supplies Stainless Steel Alloy 321H in a wide range of forms and sizes for instance bars and sheets.  Our alloy products meet all standards of different industries where stainless steel is employed like ASTM, UNS, DIN, and EN.

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