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Online Engineering Materials Tools
We available following tools for users-

  1. Unit of Measure Converter – This is a user-friendly utility tool which is usable for entering a value and unit of measurement for converting them into other units.
  2. Weight & Moment of Inertia Calculator– Select the kind of material or density if known, the dimensions and the shape of the rod, plate or tubes. This tool helps in calculating the whole weight of the material. Our esteemed users will be able to calculate the inertia of metallic objects and somewhat more composite cross sections for instance, tee I-beams and C-channels.
  3. Metal and Plastic Hardness Converter– This tool will help you in finding and correlating harness value of a material to other hardness scales.
  4. Glossary of Engineering Material Terms – We serves a glossary of definitions of numerous materials terms. You can redefine your searches.

Note- This Information is only for Premium and Registered Users only.

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